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Tubemate Youtube Downloader App, is a video downloader that not just lets you download Youtube videos, but you can also download videos from various other websites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and more. The recent updates on the Tubemate (2018) App lets you download Twitter videos as well. A guide on Tubemate App is below that will assist you through all your queries and troubles related to Tubemate Youtube Downloader. Download Youtube Downloader Tubemate for PC, Tubemate for iOS, Tubemate for android here and get to know more about Tubemate App.

Tubemate Youtube Downloader App

One of the most rated Youtube Downloader Apps is Tubemate. Tubemate is an app developed for Android. It is quite popular as a youtube video downloader. The biggest reason for the app’s popularity is the simplicity in the user interface of the Tubemate Youtube Downloader App. The other reasons for preferring Tubemate are its features, which are listed below.

Tubemate Video Downloader: Features

  • Download Video
  • Download Audio
  • Convert Audio/Video files
  • Download Audio/Video Files in your desired quality
  • Download upto 10 video/audio files together
  • High Speed Downloading
  • Inbuilt Browser for easy searching

Tubemate Video Downloader: How to Use?

The Video Downloader App can be used to download Videos and Audios in two ways. The two simple yet amazing ways to use the app Tubemate Video Downloader are given below. Before everything else, you need to download Tubemate from various app stores that let you download Tubemate and install it free on your android mobile. Once you install the Tubemate app on your android mobile phone, you are ready to use the app for downloading audio/video through it absolutely free using the guide given below.

Tubemate: Download Youtube Videos- Guide 1

  • Like a video on a website? Want to download it and keep it on your phone? Copy the Link of the Video.
  • Open Tubemate.
  • Paste the link on the search bar.
  • Click on Download Logo.
  • Click on your desires quality/resolution of the audio/video.
  • The downloading will start on Tubemate.
  • Check your SD card to find the file on your phone.

Tubemate: Download Youtube Videos- Guide 2

  • Open Tubemate.
  • Search videos/audios through the inbuilt browser in the Tubemate App.
  • From the list of videos, click on the video, you want to see.
  • Click on Download logo to start the download.
  • You will need to select the resolution before the downloading starts on Tubemate.
  • Superfast Download will begin on Tubemate.
  • You can check the download history on the Tubemate app.

Video Converter APK

Open Tubemate App on your Android phone (after your download and install of Tubemate is complete). Search for the video you want to download on the inbuilt browser of Tubemate app. From the result list, select the video you want to convert, once you select the video of your choice, the video starts loading and you are shown a pop up which says, parsing video information, after which you will get various options of resolutions and file quality to select from. When you select MP3, the video gets converted to an audio and is downloaded to as an audio file rather than its original file which was a video.

In various versions of the Tubemate app, the parsing video information pop-up may not come automatic, in that case you need to click on the download button to get the various resolution options.

Tubemate Online

While many other similar platform have an online website from where one can download videos without downloading the app, but that is simply not possible for Tubemate. Tubemate is not available in an online version which means, Tubemate online is only a dream. One can
Download Tubemate and then use the app on an android phone to download and convert Youtube videos on phone.

Download Tubemate Youtube Downloader APK

Download Tubemate Youtube Downloader from the below listed sites easily and free. The Tubemate Youtube Video Downloader apk is available on various websites for free download. One can freely download Tubemate and then install it to use it on their Android phone for downloading Youtube videos and/or converting them for using them later when there is not network.

Tubemate for PC

Tubemate is very popular as an app and its functionality despite its limitations. Tubemate is not available for Windows and thus Tubemate youtube downloader cannot be used on a PC. But, it not all that impossible to download it. You may find many websites boasting of links of Tubemate for PC but they all are fake.The links claiming to download Tubemate for PC will make download emulators like Bluestacks that will let you use Tubemate operating on your android device operate on PC as well. If you are in need of Tubemate for your PC, and is not ready to compromise with other similar Video Downloader apps for PC then the emulators available online is the best solution for you.

Tubemate For iOS

Tubemate is only available for android devices, thus on iPhones, Tubemate cannot be downloaded and installed for Youtube downloads and video conversion. Instead, other similar apps can be used which provide similar service but is available for iOS platform, unlike Tubemate.

Tubemate for Android

Tubemate is available for android devices, rather the software is particularly made for Android phones. If you have Android phone, Tubemate becomes one of the most essential app that is required on your phone that not only lets you browse and stream videos through the inbuilt browser of the Tubemate App for android but also let you download any video on the app directly. While downloading, you may even choose to convert the video file to audio and download just the converted file. That is not all, but while downloading a video file you may download it in any resolution you want (select from the options that are given), to choose the size and quality of the video/audio clip to your phone. The Tubemate being a video downloader gives priority to what it does and lets you download upto 10 videos at a time and that too with superfast downloading speed.

Tubemate Google Play/iTunes

Tubemate is not available on app stores like Google Play and iTunes. Tubemate is not meant for iOS platform, thus it is not available on iTunes. You might think, then why is then it is not available on Google Play, as it has mentioned multiple times before that Tubemate is an android app and Google Play Store is the official App store for Android. The reason is that Tubemate is Youtube Video downloader and Youtube is owned by Google. Google do not allow any third party or rather anybody to own the content available on Youtube because of Legal/Copyrights issue. But, that does not stop anyone to not want to download a video from youtube and save it for later, so that it can be seen when offline.

Is Tubemate Safe?

The absence of Tubemate from two of the largest app store, Google Play Store and iTunes, which may make you doubtful about the safety and the apps authenticity. The reasons, why Tubemate is not available on either of the app store have been specifically shared. Also, it is available on other top app stores like uptodown, which gives you reason to trust. That is not all, the real deal is its popularity. The app is extremely popular and boasts of 51 million downloads, simply on uptodown. The number of downloads set credit for the apps, authenticity.

Tubemate Reviews

Tubemate app is rated 4.2 on 5 and has been credited for being the best Youtube Video Downloader and converter available and is easiest to use.

Terms of Use on Tubemate

As mentioned above, Youtube videos may have copyright issues. Thus, the use of the content should be personal and with legal rights. If the content downloaded from Tubemate is used in anything illegal, Tubemate takes no responsibility for it as Tubemate only provides a service.

Tubemate Youtube Downloader is must have app on your android phone that lets you download your favourite youtube videos in various resolutions and also in various file types which is not available in many apps. The app is absolutely free and the most amazing part is the video gets downloaded super fast, upto 10 videos can be set for downloading together and all this with a super easy user interface. Simplicity in an app makes it acceptable and that is what Tubemate is all about. Additionally, Tubemate gets updated regularly. Keep your app updated and enjoy your world of entertainment anywhere, anytime on your phone.

Tubemate App : Summary

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest, heals the heart and makes the whole flows from heaven to the soul. Expressing the inexpressible and rising above intelligence, music evolved as another world, shortly when illustrated music followed by Talkies came into being. With birth of cinema and love for music, today’s era became entertainment oriented; be it audio to video sync up, lip dub or watching it all directly on the concert hall. For people, at this time, videos, music, movies and vlogs are the major sources of entertainment. Technology, with growth, gave birth to yet another platform that has not only entertained the whole world, but has also given all those developers a stage to earn billions of dollars. Sites like YouTube, Google Videos, Netflix, etc have emerged out as a strong network or a platform giving the users a source of entertainment, but unfortunately, only as long as the internet connection is reliable. Without internet, most of them are not serviceable and at this moment, the crowd wants to rely only on that software which swiftly fulfills their needs whenever the broadband is not reliable. Devian Studio, an Android Developer, then realized the requirement of a user friendly application that a person can look forward to when it comes to their entertainment needs; and that is how TubeMate came into being. TubeMate, to be precise, is a YouTube downloader for Android platform. This certainly means that now users can store all their favorite YouTube videos locally, onto their devices and watch them whenever they feel like, just by a tap. And guess what the best part is? No internet connection is required!

TubeMate, developed by Devian Studio in 2011, is a free of cost application (a video downloader), that brings a better online and offline video entertainment experience to the users seeking for a reliable, easy to use app or tool. The application was initially a YouTube downloader, but is now compatible with various websites for downloading purposes, impressing thousands of people. TubeMate holds a free license and is available for Android versions. The application has evolved out to be a fully fledged entertainment hub and has reached over 43,681,070 downloads. It is easy to download and can be found on popular stores like uptodown, android freeware and Unfortunately, the application is not available on Google Play due to a policy of Google that prohibits YouTube downloader for copyright concerns. The latest version of this application, as updated on 26 th June, 2018 is TubeMate 3.1.5 and is 7.95 MB in size. This version is compatible with Android devices having android version 4.0.3, 4.0.4 and up. The application is not available on iOS or PC platforms but the developer plans to work on these platforms in future. TubeMate is undoubtedly pretty safe to use and does not contain any malware or virus. Installation process of this application is trouble free and is explained thoroughly in the FAQ section of the website. Using TubeMate is quite easy: After the initial steps i.e., downloading and installation, the user needs to open the application and it will redirect them directly to YouTube or any other site of interest. TubeMateasks the user to select the desired format and after it is chosen, the app starts downloading the video or music. All the files downloaded could be moved to different locations or can be transferred to the desired memory source. All the downloaded files, interestingly, could be watched or listened to whenever and wherever, without any dependencies. Besides this, after the completion of downloading, there is an easy gateway through which the videos could be shared with friends or family via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Buzz or any other platform. TubeMate has gained much of popularity and features a lot of attributes that makes the application unique in its own way.

TubeMate is a free of cost affair that works with mid range operating systems or models, making the application available for majority of the crowd. There are various features that make this application stand out from others. The application supports enhanced downloading i.e., TubeMate supports websites like DailyMotion, Facebook, YouKu, Vimeo, Vuclip, Metacafe and other HTML5 video sources, besides supporting YouTube downloading. Interestingly, it’s possible to download whole playlists at once from any of these websites. But what if videos contain subtitles too? No worries, it has the capability of caption (subtitle) downloading. On TubeMate, one can also pause or resume a video downloading making it a versatile affair. Besides the full playlist feature, offered uniquely by TubeMate, the application also supports local playing and streaming. TubeMate has its own internal music and video player to allow the user to enjoy music while surfing. There is a powerful search feature that searches local files and YouTube simultaneously supporting voice searches and creating a history list for reference. The interface of TubeMate 3 has improved greatly. The user interface is brand new Holo based with a sliding view changer. There is also an intuitive downloading progress viewer with easy management- drag and drop feature that makes the application very easy to use. There is also a proxy support, a URL editor support and a forward button support. TubeMate works on a fast downloading technology in order to download the video chosen by the user, in the background so as to allow the user to work on the application and do other things during the process. There are options that allow the users to download their favorite videos in various formats, moving from 3gp to Full HD. The video apparently downloading in the background could also be resumed even after a break or a loss of internet connection. Users can anytime use the option to convert the videos into an mp3 format. There are various resolutions supported by TubeMate: For devices like Tabs and PCs, the resolution ranges from 1920 x 1080 Full HD (on the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2 and PC), 1280 x 720 HD (for high end devices), 640 x 360 (for general devices), 320 x 240p (for low end devices) and certainly, 640 x 360 or 854 x 480 FLV (for Android 2.1 and over). However, these options are available depending upon the quality of video that is originally uploaded and the compatibility of the device. The application supports various languages including English, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Crotian (Hrvatski), Danish (Dansk), Dutch (Nederlands), Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Lithuanian, Malay, Mongolian, Norwegian, Persian, Polis, Portuguese Brazil, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.One can also join the TubeMate translation project to make the application helpful for people all over the world. The official website of TubeMate has a very simple interface with a dedicated page for new features, translating options, FAQ, guide or tips and all the links available for downloading from certified websites.

With millions of downloads at present, TubeMate has become a trending and one of the hottest video downloaders, building a strong network all across the globe. The basic level of sharing of thoughts about TubeMate has been successfully done by hundreds of reviewers giving it a rating of 4.2 on 5 stars on uptodown. TubeMate is also quite popular in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The Facebook page of TubeMate- YouTube Downloader has been liked by over 69,068 people with 80,572 followers out of which hundreds of them giving it a rating of again 4.2 on 5 stars. Interestingly, the twitter account of TubeMate has over 7,500 followers with several tweets and has also received 5 on 5 stars on various sites like download.cnet,, etc. TubeMate team now focuses to make the application the best video downloader in the world.

Summing up, TubeMate, developed by Devian Studio is a free video downloader that has become a great platform for the users with broadband connectivity issues. The interface of the application is quite appealing, with holo base and sliding view changer; and has popped out to be a downloader supporting various sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Holding a free license, the app has become a full on entertainment hub for all the Android users out there. Being available in various languages and supporting a translation project, the application has become a versatile product with so many features and an aim to connect the whole world together. The videos could be browsed directly, downloaded faster with its multiple connecting features, allowing the downloading procedure to be paused and resumed, enables the user to download in ranges of resolutions and permitting to convert videos to MP3 audio files. Having its own internal music player, the media could be browsed with background downloading. Besides all this, whole playlists could be downloaded at once, local playing and streaming is permitted, the downloading is intuitive with progress reviewer and easy management and of course the app has proxy support, URL editor and forward button support. After receiving millions of positive reviews, it must be concluded that the application is very safe to use and is a must try for all the entertainment geeks that miss their TV shows or favorite videos due to work pressure. The app should be used by and recommended to all.

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