Tubemate Download


Tubemate Download

TubeMate is a video downloading software that is not only confined to videos but is also known as a music and image downloader. The name ‘TubeMate’ is very much appropriate in accord with the claims it make. So basically, you can download any video from any website preferably Youtube and other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. TubeMate download is a revolutionary software or freeware that makes your dream come true. As it is a freeware, you do not have to pay a penny. Let’s pay attention to the features available on TubeMate download as it is a vital part not to be brushed off.

Features Of TubeMate Download

TubeMate download comes with an amazing package of features that would surprise you in all ways. Let’s dive in deep into the features in details.

  • Dark Theme : TubeMate download provides you customization for themes. Though there is no space for more than two customizations which is the default White theme and a Dark one. The dark theme is provided to you which works better in night so that the white light do not affect your eyes. To change to dark theme, you need to go to Settings and turn on Dark Theme under User Interface option.
  • Improved Social Media Support : TubeMate download has improved its performance in accordance to the social media sites. It has introduced on page download feature that lets you download videos and images right from a social networking site like Facebook or Instagram. For instance, you have logged in to your Facebook account and while scrolling your feed, you came across a video you would like to download but oops! There isn’t any option for that. So if you have TubeMate download installed in your device, you can download the video where you will find a red download button helping you in your action. You need not open TubeMate download app to download the video.
  • Multiple Windows : The multiple windows feature of TubeMate download is a remarkable inclusion in the software as it helps you to multitask without hassle. Let me explain this a bit. Suppose you like cooking and you have typed easy snacks in the youtube search engine. Results containing all the keywords typed will be displayed on your device. Now by the thumbnail you find three videos which you like to see before downloading. Normally for that, you have to open a video, watch it, go back open the second link, watch it go back or even in some cases you might have to retype the keywords. But with the all new TubeMate download, you can watch or open I must say a video in a new tab. For that you have to long press on that video and you are good to go. Swipe and switch between windows.
  • Multi-Select items : With the all new TubeMate download, you can select multiple videos and images by long pressing one and selecting the rest. Even you can create new folders and drag drop items in various folders according to your convenience.
  • Select Download Folder : Now you can select your storage folder for downloads. In the older versions of TubeMate download, this feature was not present. You had to download your favourite videos and images on your device because that was the default setting for TubeMate download. As a result as soon as your device gets full, you could not download any other media file in it. So now, this problem has been solved as you can choose your download path whether to download and store in device or in SD card and you can switch between two when one gets full.
  • Detect Video Link Copy : This is an all new feature that takes TubeMate download to the next level. TubeMate download can detect any video link copied from any site. So basically how it works is, whenever you visit any site and copy any link, a pop-up message pops out on your screen asking you to download the video or image. You can decline or download the link while not interrupting your work. You can enable or disable this setting anytime. You can find this setting named ‘Detecting Copying Link’ under User Interface option of the Settings.
  • Supports Chromecast : Yes you absolutely heard it right! TubeMate download now comes with Chromecast support. With the help of this feature, you can cast streaming videos or downloaded ones to your TV via Chromecast devices.
  • Manage Folders : While watching your downloaded videos, do you feel that specific videos must be placed on specific folder for the ease of accessibility? Well, yes you can absolutely do that. Also you can manage all the folders you have created for your downloaded video clips. Move all the movies to the movies folder and other clips to other different folders and name them accordingly. If you wish to see the video clips, then you will find all the video clips in one place so that you do not have to keep moving here and there and get interrupted by a mixed storage.
  • Multilingual : TubeMate download supports over 20 languages including English and Hindi giving priority to your language. So, be comfortable and choose your preference while utilising the advantage.

Download & Installation of TubeMate download

TubeMate download can be downloaded by visiting their official website. On their website, a section named ‘Certified Sites’ can be located under which several website download buttons are present. Click on any of the buttons and you will be redirected to that particular website . Click on the Download / Install button and the download will start immediately. But before that a small pop-up asking you to provide permission for it and you have to select ‘OK’. After the download is completed, follow the below mentioned steps to install TubeMate download :

  • Pull down the notification dropdown and click on the TubeMate download downloaded successfully notification.
  • You might get ‘Install Blocked’ message. Do not worry, it is a default setting of all phones that does not automatically allow any files especially .apk files to get downloaded in your device from any other sources except Google Play Store. You can manually change the settings from Settings -> Privacy -> Unknown Sources. Turn on the unknown sources.
  • Some devices might want a package installer and will show two options for that in a message dialogue box. Select the ‘Package Installer’ and choose ‘Just Once’.
  • Press the Install option and the software will get installed to your device.

Uninstalling TubeMate download

Uninstalling TubeMate download is as easy as installing it. You can uninstall TubeMate download by two methods. The first one is a bit lengthy process. You have to go to Settings and then head to Applications. Under Applications or to be precise downloaded apps, you will find TubeMate download. Click on that and select uninstall. A dialogue box asking you to confirm uninstall of TubeMate download. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm and the app will be uninstalled in few seconds. The second and the most easy process of uninstalling TubeMate download app is by long pressing TubeMate download icon on the home screen. As soon a you do this, a bin icon will be visible at the top of your device’s screen. While on long press, just drag the icon to the bin. A dialogue box asking for your confirmation will show up. Confirm the uninstall and it will get uninstalled in a couple of seconds.

Working Procedure of TubeMate download

If you are already wondering about how to work with TubeMate download, then let me tell you about all the how tos that are hovering in your head.

  • Downloading videos and resuming downloading : Open the source of video download for example open TubeMate download and go to Youtube. Select the video you want to download. Click the download button at the top of the screen. It is a green coloured vertical inverted arrow. Now, you will be given options for choosing your desired resolution. Choose the resolution you want and select download at the bottom of the screen. The download starts and it is shown on the notification bar. Drag the drop-down notification and you will be able to see the progress of the video. On clicking the particular notification, you will be directed to the downloads section of the app where you can pause or resume a particular download.
  • Downloading and converting videos to MP3 : You can convert a downloaded video into MP3 or M4A or AAC format and download a video in the said formats using TubeMate download. If you want to download a video in MP3 or M4A or AAC formats (M4A/AAC is better than MP3 ; just an information though!), just select the video you want to download. When you’ll be asked to select the video format, click the MP3/M4A/AAC formats from the given choices and follow the next instructions as said before. If you have already downloaded the video and now want to have the video in any of the said formats, then head straight to downloads section of TubeMate download. Select the video whose format is to be changed and press the menu button (three vertical dots on the right). Select ‘Extract Audio (MP3)’ and proceed with the next set of instructions.
  • Changing Download Folder : With the help of TubeMate download, you can change the download folder. Go to the downloads section of TubeMate download. On the top right corner of the app, you will find the menu option. Choose ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down and choose either ‘Folder for Videos’ or ‘Folder for Music’. Change the folder accordingly or create a new folder.
  • Changing Video Sites : So, here you get the option of changing the sites from which you would like to download videos. By this it is meant that you can switch between websites. Here’s a small note for you that you can download videos from TubeMate download supported websites only. Open the TubeMate download app and select the more button (three horizontal lines placed vertically). Choose your preferred site from the list or enter a valid url of a site.
  • Using Playlist : Now you can create multiple playlists to sort out your downloaded videos. To create a playlist, select a video to download and click on the green download icon. Select resolution and then Playlist from the pop up. On the top right corner of the Playlist, a plus sign will be visible. Click on that and name your playlist. Streaming videos can also be placed in playlist. Long press on a particular downloaded video and push it up or down to rearrange. You can even play a whole playlist and not play videos one by one.

For more information on TubeMate download, visit their FAQs page. TubeMate download is capable of solving the major issue faced by many. Also it is used by majority of the crowd for its convenience. Being a freeware, it provides a lot more than just an app in device. You can follow TubeMate download on their Facebook page or join their forum on Google+. Happy downloading!